Community Responsibilities
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Community Responsibilities

苏霍姆林斯基说过:“成熟的和真正的公民意识,就把为社会服务看作一个人最主要的美德。”Shanghai Sunhold Law Firm(hereafter, "Sunhold") has always kept the community responsibilities in mind and continuously given back the community by devoting itself to promote public welfare.

Through extensive contacts and cooperation with enterprises, social organizations and government Institutions, Sunhold has involved in supporting fundamental education in local areas; Simultaneously, Shanghai Office of Sunhold has held several complimentary and high-quality legal lectures and seminars relying to the abundant educational resources in this city, and has also promoted the progress on legal education by providing generous amount of scholarships to outstanding talents. In addition, Sunhold is also a positive involver in relation to Pro-Bono legal assistance, assigning a number of lawyers to offer Pro-Bono legal consultations and agency services, voluntarily providing legal services for hundreds of cases in total, in order to deliver the law to the rural areas and bring benefit and convenience to the people.

From 2007 to this day, Sunhold donates and sets up the Sunhold Legal Scholarship in Shanghai Jiaotong University, aiming at rewarding and encouraging the top law students who are excellent and diligent. Sunhold continuously returns to the society and cultivates talents while it develops.

In May 2007, Koguan Law School and Sunhold jointly established the first legal elite training program, which has been continuously held until now, and has developed into one of the most influential programs in the legal field, attracting a number of top law students in more than 20 famous universities, including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jilin University, East China University of Political Science and Law and etc. This program provides opportunities of practical trainings and legal discussions for law students and also provides a multilateral platform for universities, employers and students for legal communications, academic exchange and career practice.

In April 2016, Sunhold and Koguan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly held the free legal consultation program, considering both Sunhold’s Pro-Bono contribution and the legal education.

In September 2018, Sunhold donated 1.2 million CNY to the Koguan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

In September 2019, Sunhold presented 1000 sets of Memorial Pen Cases to Koguan School of Law

Sunhold law firm provides long-term legal services to the Legal Aid Center of Jing‘an District, Shanghai, and asks dozens of lawyers providing services in turn. Upholding the professional service concept, Sunhold lawyers have provided legal to more than 10,000 clients, receiveing highly appraised and has been reported by Shanghai Law Journal and Shanghai Legal News Chanel, contributing to the positive social effects.

Sunhold has been involved in serving the society for a long time. We have a clear recognition and affirmation of public responsibilities . In the future, Sunhold will continue to support our lawyers in participating in public welfare activities and giving back to society in various forms.